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The 2015 Lakeside tournament gets The Wrong Bed treatment as we go in search of an exclusive interview with TV, film and radio's Scott Mitchell. Plus we chat to the not-so-surprising-surprise-packgage, Jeff Smith.

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We're back, briefly, for a whistle-stop tour of the 2015 PDC World Championship which saw Gary 'Definitely not no-balls' Anderson follow up victory with a trip to PC World, and the legend that is RVB steal our mike. It's good to be back.

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The microseries ends with a long look back at the Lakeside tournament and forward to the darting year ahead, with a little help from The Viking, Andy Fordham. It's been emotional.

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Recorded from Frimley Green during the 2014 BDO World Championship, this episode is co-hosted by the BBC's Scott Mitchell, and features Stephen Bunting, Robbie Green, and MC Little Richard Ashcroft [sic].

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Fresh from a PDC world final defeat to MvG, we speak to The Wrights (without mentioning his hair once). Barry Hearn explains the choices for the 2014 Premier League, we look ahead to the BDO tournament, and discuss darts on the radio with help from Phil Williams and John Rawling. Plus, Tricky D's dreadful darting knowledge is put to the test. The drugs do work.

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The new micro-series gets underway with a flying visit to see the Smiths at Alexandra Palace. Plus we talk to Paul Lim, the only man to have hit a 9-darter in the Lakeside World Championship.

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A special episode of The Wrong Bed sees us return to London's O2 arena for the finals of the 2013 Premier League, in the company of RVB, MVG, and BJG. That's Big John Gwynne.

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The mini-series ends with a look ahead to 2013. Who will have a good year? What will happen in the World Cup? Which celebs will make an appearance? And what's Rod Harrington going to say? Both darting codes talk about their plans for 2013, we talk to Deta Hedman about women's things, and we sign off, for now, with a suitable whimper.

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This bumper episode celebrates the BDO Lakeside tournament with a whole host of guests, including both world champions, two defeated men' semi finalists, and the man who finally won a game on the famous stage, Scotty Dog Mitchell.

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It's awards time - with results of our hero, zero and moment of the PDC world champs, plus the small matter of the PDC Awards at the Dorchester, where we speak to Raymond van Barneveld and othe winners. Wes Newton is over the moon about the Premier League, and we celebrate Scott Mitchell's first win at Lakeside.

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Nine-darters, oche altercations and Tricky D's replacements revealed - Ally Pally semi-finals night does not disappoint.

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The first round of the 2013 PDC world championship is complete, and we review the action with the help of some winners (Winstanley, Newton, Beaton), and a loser (King) - and look at the key issues of the last seven days, including mural madness.

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The Wrong Bed returns with a mini-series to cover the world championship season, with help from Adrian Lewis, Paul Nicholson, Wayne Mardle, and a certain Stuart Pyke. As ever, we get to the heart of all things darts, including a new crisp flavour, and the weight of the Sid Waddell trophy. It’s good to be back.

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It's the last episode of the series and we're in end-of-term mood as we speak to a legend of the game (Eric Bristow), and a legend of The Wrong Bed (Denis Ovens). Plus, Sam Delaney joins us to talk about why the sport has yet to find a way into the mainstream media. Oh, and there's some Abba.

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In this bumper episode we review Lakeside 2012 with TV's Scott Mitchell, talk to everyone's favourite nearly man Tony O'Shea, and reveal the truth about darts becoming a sport in the UK, with Member of Parliament Sir Bob Russell. Eclectic and hectic - only on darts' finest podcast.

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In this additional mini-episode we get in touch with our feminine side to review the fascinating 2012 Lakeside women's world championship, with Anastasia Dobromsylova joining us shortly after her famous victory. If you like darts or ladies, you'll love this.

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In the midst of World Championship season we look back at the PDC event with finalist Andy Hamilton, and forward to the BDO version with Dave 'The Badger' Prins. Plus there's interviews with Trina Gulliver and Anastasia Dobromyslova, news about the 2012 Premier League, and even a mention for Marvin Gaye. Let's get it on.

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Recorded live from one of the highlights of the darting calendar, this fairly chaotic episode features interviews with Simon Whitlock and Adrian Lewis as they book their world championship semi-final places. Plus we ask the grand fromage at the PDC, Barry Hearn, whether he is a nightmare as a boss, and Wayne Mardle, Rod Studd and Dave Clark help to review the tournament so far.

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Almost live from Ally Pally, we sit in the pub and talk about the first week of the PDC World Championships, with a little help from Michael Van Gerwen. After a walk up the hill to the Palace itself, we ask Scott 'Cock Hand' Rand the sort of questions that nobody else would. Plus, we review our PDC World Champs bingo card, and discuss the colour of Dave Clark's shirt. This is darts podcasting at its' best (and worst).

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In a bumper episode we celebrate World Championship season with a full preview of the Ally Pally tournament, interviews with upcoming stars Peter Wright and Steve Brown, and an in-depth discussion about the future of the sport with PDC Chief Executive Matt Porter. Plus, we look back at Kevin Painter's fabulous Players' Championship victory, and launch our World Champ bingo.

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This week we bag our 15th darts world champion, housewives favourite Steve Beaton. We also talk to Justin Pipe about his extraordinary rise up the rankings, and ask whether he really is the slowest man in darts. Plus we look back at Phil Taylor's phenomonal performances as we review the recent Grand Slam of Darts. It's a bit like the old TV Times - I never knew there was so much in it.

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Our annual trip to the Grand Slam of Darts features more players than ever before, including Anderson, Jenkins, Lewis, Newton Nicholson, Part, Taylor, Webster and several more. Stuart Pyke sits in Tricky D's seat, and we talk burn-out and celebrity status. It's a cracker.

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In an exclusive interview Scott Waites reveals his thoughts about moving to the PDC, we discuss Dutch darts with Lakeside qualifiers Joey ten Berge and Christian Kist, and our Scott Mitchell 'special' faces a few technical hitches, proving the old adage, never work live with children, animals, or darts players from Dorset.

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We look back at the PDC World Grand Prix in the company of Richie Burnett and Brendan Dolan, and are delighted to welcome World Champion Bob Anderson to the show with an extended interview. Another Bob, Bobby George, features heavily as we pick through the bones of his ribs following his appearance in Celebrity Come Dine With Me. Luvvly jubbly.

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Tony Green helps us to celebrate Bullseye's 30th birthday, Rod Harrington updates us on the PDC youth tour, and there's a first outing for new sitcom 'Keeping up with the McDonalds'. You couldn't make it up. (On reflection, you probably could).

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PDC World Champion Adrian Lewis reveals absolutely nothing about Come Dine With Me, and with just 83 days to go we begin the build up to Ally Pally and the Lakewsie. Plus, we have interviews with BDO qualifiers Gary Stone and Andy Boulton, and a plethora of darting apologies in 'Sorry Seems to be the Dartists Word'.

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Series 3 of The Wrong Bed kicks off with an interview with new BDO Chairman Barry Gilbey, and a trip to Hull and back for the World Masters - including an interview with Glen Durrant. Plus, not one, but two new features. You lucky, lucky, people.

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It took several months, but we finally found enough good bits to release The Best of Series Two, including Phil Taylor, Olly Croft, Dave Gorman, the Walk-On Girls, Raymond Van Barneveld, and plenty of Tricky D and the Bach. And yes, the Denis Ovens bit is included, of course.

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Series two of TWB finally comes to an end with a bumper episode looking at how to improve the sport, including contributions from a whole host of darting personalities, such as Adrian Lewis, Gary Anderson, Mark Webster, Sid Waddell and Wayne Mardle. Add in our guide to life without TWB, the top five darting films, and some demob happy merriment, and it's enough to wish we were having a break for a few months. Which is lucky.

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Keith 'The Feller' Deller and Andy 'The Salad Man' Smith are just two of the good men to join Tricky D and The Bachelor of Darts in The Wrong Bed this episode. There's a few bad men around too.

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We're back in the studio to relive those crazy days of the 2011 World Championships with misty eyes and rose-tinted glasses. Scott Waites and Mark Walsh join us in The Wrong Bed and Tricky D has a threesome with the Ally Pally walk-on girls. Plus, the most embarrassing thing we've done so far, and the funniest thing we've ever been sent. You'll never look at Dennis Ovens in the same way.

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Our series of special episodes reaches its' conclusion with the BDO World Championship final. Sitting on The Wrong Bed sofa we finally accept that however many episodes we release, it'll never be enough to beat Colin Murray in the iTunes podcast chart. Oh well.

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It's steaming at the Lakeside as the quarter finals come to an end in the company of Stuart Kellett, Dean Winstanley, Scott Mitchell, and BBC commentator David Croft. Plus we talk to Women's World Champion Trina Gulliver infront of a bottle of Moet. Sparkling.

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We're live and kicking from Tricky D's living room as the PDC World Championship comes to an end, and reveal what winning the World Championship means to Adrian Lewis, and why our favourite walk-on girls were sacked before the final.

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It's a Happy New Year in deepest Surrey as Ross Smith takes out Tony O'Shea in the first round of the BDO World Championship. Plus we speak to John 'Boy' Walton, Scott Waites, and chatty Chizzy Chisnall.

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Live from Ally Pally we watch the PDC tournament reach the last 8, including chats with Terry Jenkins, Gary Anderson and Vincent van der Voort.

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In the first of our special World Championship episodes we chat to Colin Lloyd about the Battle of Wounded Knuckle, and review the 1st round from Ally Pally.

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A not so festive special takes a look at all 5 (yes, 5), upcoming World Championships with the help of Mark Webster and Darryl Fitton. It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

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It's a bumper episode including Raymond Van Barneveld, a look back at the Grand Slam of Darts, and our annual interview with the PDC Chief Executive Matthew Porter. Plus, we announce the winner of our limerick competition and get excited about the World Cup of darts.

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Our second visit to the Grand Slam of Darts includes chats with Taylor, Lewis, Bromberg, Monk, Lloyd, Newton, Baxter, Phillips, Trish Wright, Hankey and more. Add in a quick look at how tournament darts is televised, Stuart Pyke telling us about his fruit intake, and Tricky D's Tricky 3 getting seriously tough, and chaos ensues. Still, it was a great day!

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Fresh from his run to the final of the Winmau World Masters, Stuart Kellett joins us in The Wrong Bed. We speak to some of the up coming stars of darts, take a look at the youth game in general, speak to former World Number One and Sky Sports Commentator Rod Harrington, and Paul 'Who's Bad' Nicholson is tested by Tricky D's Tricky 3. Plus we launch our new competition. I never knew there was so much in it.

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Darting gentleman Wayne Jones joins us in The Wrong Bed as we pick over the losers at the World Grand Prix, discuss darts sponsorship, and challenge Andy 'The Hammer' Hamilton to answer Tricky D's Tricky Three. Anyone sleep in a Bensons Bed?

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Paul Nicholson (he's bad) joins us in The Wrong Bed alongside a preview of the World Grand Prix from Dublin and appearances from all the Come Dine With Me three. Plus, the celeb winner of the 1976 TV Times BDO ProAm is revealed. Podcasts don't get any tougher than this.

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This special episode of The Wrong Bed features a rare and in-depth interview with Olly Croft, the godfather of darts, founder of the BDO, and the man responsible more than any other for the spread of the sport throughout the world.

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This episode we look forward to the Lakeside World Championship, chat to BDO world number 13 Scott Mitchell, and consider darts relationship with betting in the light of recent revelations in cricket.

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This episode we look forward to the remainder of the PDC year, alongside Jamie 'Jabba' Caven, and back at the history of darts with Dr Darts himself, Patrick Chaplin. Plus, another reason not to read The Daily Mail (if you needed one).

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Fresh from the European Championship on Bravo TV, comedian Dave Gorman jumps into The Wrong Bed for a chat about his love of darts. There's a look back on the World Matchplay from Blackpool, and forward to Phil Taylor's 50th birthday. Guess who's coming to dinner?

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The World Matchplay is previewed with Colin 'Jaws' Lloyd and our very own predicting prawn - plus, listeners darts games get their first airing, alongside Paul Daniels and the Pet Shop Boys. Only in the world of darts...

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With darts drowned out by the sizzling summer of sport, The Sun journalist Phil Lanning discusses whether the sport can ever compete with other games, and Dave Allen joins us in The Wrong Bed for a behind the scenes look at the PDC world. Anyone for cricket?

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Following the recent World Championship qualifiers, women take centre stage in this episode of TWB, with Stacy Bromberg under the duvet alongside Sky Sports commentator Dave Lanning. Tricky D discovers that there certainly is more than one Phil Taylor, and The Bach gives his view on the PDCs decision to double the Premier League wild card spots. Lock up your sons.

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Series 2 of darts finest podcast launches with an in-depth interview with the main man, Phil 'The Power' Taylor. We look back at the Premier League, cover 3 months of news in less than five minutes, and still have time to launch our new feature, There's More Than One Phil Taylor. Not 'arf.

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The inaugural Bounce Out Awards come live from Stevenage with a host of dishy darters lining up for glory. The Oscars, Brits and Baftas are put firmly in the shade by the cream of tungsten tossers. I can't imagine Tricky D and the Bachelor of Darts will be invited back next year, but the five award winners seemed pretty happy with their evening.

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The last episode of the series is rescued by some straight talking from Alan 'The Saint' Tabern (not Taybern), and the wonderful Deta Hedman. The Bachelor of Darts is finally allowed off the leash for some darting rants, and Martin Fitzmaurice talks about hotel rooms in Holland. Darts, once again, is the winner.

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TWB visits the former Millennium Dome to witness the emotional launch of the 2010 Premier Leage, and be part of the biggest darting event for a generation. Loud, brash, and in your face, and that's just Barry Hearn. Darts' literally doesn't get any bigger than this.

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Tricky D enjoys his first visit to The Lakeside, the Bach bangs on about his new darts accessory, Sid clears up the 'One word for this - Magic Darts' argument, and there's a lot of blather about the recent World Championships. All this, and a competition! Btw, anyone got a nickname for Ronnie Baxter?
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It's less Christmas time and more business time in darts: three world championships, two amazing venues, and more than one very bad joke. Episode six contains a lot of laughter, Tony Green, Stuart Pkye and darts in Iran. God rest ye Terry Jenkins, son.
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We're at the Grand Slam of darts with a whole host of guests - from Wade to Whitlock, Anastasia to the boss of the PDC. Tricky D does his Magnus Pike impression, there's a lot of ladies' darts, and even The Two Ronnies. It's a corker.
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The Viking speaks! This month Andy Fordham tells us about drinking, dieting and darting... plus we've got our favourite common tater John Gwynne, America's finest lady Stacy Bromberg, Lovely Grubby and more news than Moira Stuart.
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The legendary Mike Gregory breaks his silence about the big split, while Martin 'Wolfie' Adams explains why he will never play in the Grand Slam of Darts, despite being double World Masters champion. Episode three of The Wrong Bed reaches a new low thanks to BBC Radio 4's The Archers.

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Our second episode includes James Wade saying a lot of stuff he might regret, Sid Waddell saying a lot of stuff we don't understand, US sitcoms under the dartoscope, and two diverse rivalries: Taylor v King, Gaga v Merkel. Darts podcasts don't get much better than this.

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The Wrong Bed launches with a Las Vegas special, including an extended interview with three times World Champion John Part, a preview of the World Matchplay, and a look at darts in the soaps. Bet you can't find a better darts podcast...
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